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CSS Based Web Design

  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is nothing more than a simple system that allows you to add style (e.g., colors, fonts, spacing) to Web documents. Since its inception, CSS as a concept have proved very beneficial and a much required implementation. Today with the exception of Internet Explorer including the newest IE 7 almost every next major browser adheres to the CSS rules established by the W3C.  
  We at Trisa Technologies doesn’t expect our clients to have the complete detail information of Cascading Style Sheet, but do think that clients must be well aware of the general advantages of using CSS layouts and CSS web design. In fact, these days it is important that you must know how CSS based web design could actually help you in enhancing websites now and in the future.  
  Why Use CSS Based Layouts  
  It is definitely hard to completely ignore the importance of usage of CSS based layouts.    
    • You must remember that CSS based layouts won’t need much code on the webpage which ultimately reduces the loading time of webpages and at the same time the content to code ratio increases
    • CSS based web pages have more aesthetically pleasing code then standard table based web pages.
    • CSS styles can be integrated with individual web pages or included from external CSS style sheets. The usage of external CSS style sheets directly relates to less code on a page.
    • CSS facilitates you with more interactive style elements, including font size and line heights, which further makes webpage more usable for people with disabilities.
  Certainly CSS based websites are the future prospect of the internet and going to gain its significance in coming days. With the increased push towards making websites XML based eventually old table based websites will just not work.  
  At Trisa Technologies, we could help you construct all of your websites using CSS. We have got our team of experienced web developers who are capable of transforming any website mockup image into a fully functional CSS based webpage without facing any difficulty. In fact, our experienced HTML and CSS designers follow an operational internal Work Flow System to come across timelines and track development in the entire Web designing method. We regard W3C compliance and W3C CSS Compliance as a standard delivery practice for each and every single website designing project that we undertake. You would be glad to know that our CSS based website design service goes beyond traditional web designing. We make sure to use thematic web 2.0 designs that may in-turn help in driving traffic to targeted sections of website.  
  CSS website templates or CCS based websites designed by us are easy, cross-browser compatible and optimized to rank well with search engines. Nevertheless, we constantly strive towards perfection and consequently ensure that all designs are unique and precise.  If you need a design turned into a CSS layout then that you require is contact us and share your requirements.  

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